A Total Solar Eclipse on My 33rd Birthday

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about the solar eclipse happening today. Not only is there a solar eclipse today but mercury is in retrograde AND it’s my 33rd birthday! The planets are NOT playing around today.

I found an affirmation for Leos for the solar eclipse today that I’m in LOVE with. I’m going to try to keep this in mind today to start a new chapter with the eclipse. It’s time to shine bright!

Monday’s eclipse reveals my shadow and my light. What feels wrong and what feels right. What I have to work on and how far I have come.

Monday’s eclipse opens up a new chapter of my life. Its pages I have yet to fill. Its themes I have yet to live out. Its thesis I have yet to live up to.

Monday’s eclipse reminds me what is most important to keep close. It helps me to clarify what to hold dear. It helps me to make what is most meaningful to me central to my story line. 

What gets in-between me and what I am moving towards becomes less and less interesting. Less and less of a distraction. Less and less of a situation that has any power over me. Monday’s eclipse reminds me that I have the right to change. The right to carve out a new path for myself. The right to manifest my energy in ways that feel the most resonant with me right now.

This week I recommit to channeling my creative energy into the projects that are closest to my heart. I recommit to being a caretaker to my creations. I recommit to building the containers that my desires need in order to take shape.

Reach for your highest goals and dreams, this total solar eclipse at the Leo new moon is all about passion and transformation. New moons give us fresh starts, and I’m ready for it.

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