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typewriterI am becoming SUCH a slacker when it comes to keeping up my blog. I said when I started out that I wouldn’t let this blog go untouched or forgotten…but it seems like I have done just that. So, in the spirit of improving my writing skills and using my brain for something other than work, I’m going to try to commit to keeping up with blogging (again).

This past month has been so busy and I feel like it’s only about to get busier. There’s been numerous birthdays, dinner parties, concerts and events taking up all of my spare time and that will only increase once the summer hits. I’m happy to say I’ll be going to Pitchfork and Lollapalooza this summer to see some amazing bands in Chicago…and hopefully get equally amazing photos to show for it. Along with my blog, I’ve let me photography slip over the past year or so. Even though life gets busy, I don’t want to let these things that I love get too far away from me.

Do you find that with the hustle and bustle of being an adult, you often let things you enjoy and love slip away from you?

This weekend, we set some time aside on Sunday to start a backyard garden. We researched the plans for a rain barrel and compost bin, hoping to get both of those projects completed. Once the yard was clear of sticks and dog poop, we began on the rain barrel. While it looked easy, we didn’t have all of the right tools for connecting the barrel to the gutter, so hopefully we’ll be able to finish it next weekend, along with planting seeds for the start of our garden. Collecting rain to water my garden and disposing of scraps into a compost bin are all things that I would have never even thought of a couple of years ago, but now it just seems natural. Maybe I should spend one day a week tending to the garden and my blog, to help both of them grow and flourish. Now that’s an idea!

Well hopefully you’ll see more posts from me, because I truly do love writing this blog. It makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something and I love writing, or else I wouldn’t be working in the field that I do. Do you blog? How do you get inspiration for your writing?

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