Think Kit

Temperature Risin’

Thank goodness that Think Kit sent an email with a new prompt last week because my blog is in need of some serious love!

The June 18 prompt – A little sweat is good for you: write about a time that you really felt the heat – physically or metaphorically. Where were you? Did it feel oppressive, empowering or just hot? Were you searching for relief, or savoring every sweltering moment?

After a brutal winter, I said I wouldn’t complain this summer, no matter how hot. I’ve been trying to embrace the heat, humidity and sun, because I’d rather be sweating (free & easy weight loss, right?) than wearing eight layers of clothing. But c’mon Mother Nature, can you give us a break on the humidity? I’d like to be able to wear makeup this summer without it melting off my face.

Even though we can all feel the heat this summer, I’ve recently cooled off from “feeling the heat” in more of a metaphorical sense. I’m taking this summer and doing things my way. I’m one month free of a 9-5 job that was starting to bring me down, so the only heat I’m feeling is from the rays of sun shining down on me at the pool. Being almost 30 years old, it’s a scary feeling quitting your job when you don’t know what’s next. But with the support of my family and amazing boyfriend, I gathered the courage to take that leap and find out what the future holds.

The past month has reminded me what it’s like to live (relatively) drama-free and enjoy each day doing things that inspire and motivate me. The only way to do great work is to love what you do!

I’ve been giving my camera quite the workout over the past month, photographing some amazing bands such as Sleigh Bells, Arctic Monkeys, Band of Skulls and Cut Copy. With some help from a new lens (and a hit to my bank account), I’ll be heading to Pitchfork Music Festival and Lollapalooza in the next month and Austin in the fall. The most exciting part? Getting to photograph Outkast! Stay tuned for those pics.

Sleigh Bells


I’ve also been doing some work with a non-profit here in Indy that I’m really excited to share. RecycleForce recycles electronic waste while providing life-changing workforce training to formerly incarcerated individuals. This process supports these men and women and their re-entry back into society. I think this non-profit is such a great cause that needs more awareness in Indiana and beyond, and I’m thrilled to begin this relationship.

To answer the Think Kit prompt, I’ll be savoring every sweltering second of this scorching summer, which I intend on filling with new memories, experiences, work opportunities and fun. Life is too short to not love what you do and give it your all.

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