Flip The Script

Today’s ThinkKit Prompt:

What did you change your mind about this year? Was it a big deal – the way you feel about an issue? Or something small – maybe you learned to like Brussels sprouts? What was the moment or series of moments that changed how you felt? How did your friends or family react? Have you uttered the phrase, “I’ll never change my mind!” since then?

Do you accept toxic friendships and carry on like normal or do you cut the cord and move on? I’ve always had a hard time letting go of things, whether it be a failed friendship or a blanket I’ve had since birth. Yes, I do still have that blanket, DON’T JUDGE ME.

They say (I want to know who “they” are) “you are the company you keep,” but we all have that friend that we keep around even though *sigh* they’re a pain in the ass. But why? Why do we keep them around even though their actions can reflect badly upon us and sometimes even put our reputations at risk? Maybe it’s because it’s a comfortable relationship and it’s easier to keep that person in your life than go through a messy break up. I think it’s almost more awkward to end a friendship than a romantic relationship. #ByeFelicia

I’ve learned to let go of a few of these friendships lately. I’ve been sucked into the drama and dragged down by it, but it was time to wash my hands of the chaos. It’s time to grow up and move on, because the quality of friends means so much more than the quantity. Toxic friendships will rob you of two of your most precious commodities: time and energy, both of which many of us have little to spare.

As my friends get older, get married, have children and demanding careers, it’s clear to see that you have to pick and choose how to spend your free time. It’s not like in your early 20’s when friendships are carefree and easy to maintain. Now is the time we have to put in work to make our friendships lasting and meaningful, and I’m pretty happy with those friendships that are still going strong.

You can’t pick your family but you can pick your friends, so pick them wisely.

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