Look Outward, Look Inward

Today’s ThinkKit prompt:

By telescope or microscope, or no scope at all – what did you discover? A new aspect of yourself? A favorite artist, musician, or variety of cheese? Did you discover something about a loved one? A familiar or new-to-you place? Be broad, be narrow, or be surprising.

While my true passion is photography, getting the opportunity to photograph at so many concerts and festivals has also helped feed my love of music. I love checking out a random show and being pleasantly surprised with a new favorite artist. It was a no-brainer to share some new artists I discovered in 2014 for today’s ThinkKit blog. Here are five artists/bands I’ve been loving, what new music have you discovered this year?

  • BANKS. Welcome to your new obsession. BANKS is a singer-songwriter that is not only a total babe but has an addictive album that I can’t stop listening to. The angsty lyrics might remind you of a Fiona Apple-esque R&B artist that is completely mesmerizing. A quote from BANKS that I found appropriate for those involved with ThinkKit: “Writing was my only way to feel empowered through my weaknesses… and it’s important for all women to embrace those things.”



  •  FKA Twigs. I hadn’t heard of FKA Twigs until right before I left for Pitchfork and a friend at My Old Kentucky Blog mentioned that she was a must-see act. Not only did I get to see an incredible performance from her but I was lucky enough to be photographing at the festival so I got some great shots of her. She entranced the crowd with her experimental and euphoric sound and I couldn’t take my eyes of the stage.



  • . Her sultry voice hooked me when I first heard her song ‘XXX 88’ which she did with Diplo, and I became an instant fan. A blend of pop and indie, MØ is both eccentric and emotional and she has me singing along in the car and shower. She was in Chicago recently and I was so sad to miss her, but hopefully my time will come soon to see her live.



  • Glass Animals. All I needed was to hear 30 seconds of the song ‘Gooey’ on Sirius XM radio to know that I was hooked on Glass Animals. The mix of breathy vocals, an almost tropical sounding percussion and synths make Zaba one of my favorite albums that I can listen to on repeat for hours. The Line of Best Fit wrote it best: “If Glass Animals turned out to be buttering you up with a cannibalistic lick of the lips, you’d let them gnaw away.”



  • Wild Belle. I discovered Wild Belle in 2013, but they’re so great that I want you to know about them! I heard them from afar at Lollapalooza last year and looked them up later to give their music a proper listen. To my delight, they played at White Rabbit in October 2013 and they rocked it live with their reggae psych-pop blues-rock sound. Their album, Isles, is a great summer soundtrack for a carefree day at the pool or driving around with your windows down.


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