A Dash of Thanks

Today’s ThinkKit prompt:

What are you thankful for? Maybe it’s from this year – or maybe it’s something in your past that resonated with you recently. And – we hold people, places, and things in equal regard: a sense of gratefulness can take many forms. 

I don’t know how to narrow down the things I’m thankful for to only one thing. This year has been great and I feel like I’m going into 2015 with a bright outlook on life. That’s not to say that 2014 hasn’t had setbacks but it’s how you deal with them and move forward that matters.

I thought about this prompt and came up with several things to write about, but then my sweet Doberman boy came walking in and set him head on my keyboard begging for attention and I knew I had my subject. Lucky guy, since I wrote about him during ThinkKit in 2012!

My boyfriend has had Vladimir since he was six weeks old. Although I didn’t meet him until he was about seven, I claim him as my own dog. He’s always up for a car ride so he goes with me whenever possible, even when it’s inconvenient to have an 80 pound dog with me. He loves laying in bed with me watching trashy reality shows (I think Housewives of Beverly Hills is his favorite) and when my boyfriend is out of town, he makes sure to keep an eye on me, including laying in the bathroom while I shower.

Vladimir after his cancer removal on his face, being a trooper like always.

Vladimir after his cancer removal on his face, being a trooper like always.

Vladimir has had his share of health scares this year, including getting two cancerous lumps removed. About six months ago he had one of his leg and about a month ago he had one on his face. Each time, he bounces back almost immediately, even with a giant scar across his face.

Tomorrow, on Christmas Day, Vladimir will turn 12 years old. After seeing what’s gone through the past few years, I am incredibly thankful that he is still here with us.

Two years ago on Christmas, I stayed home with him after an overnight pet hospital stay due to pneumonia. Around that time, he had several hematomas in his ears. When he was a puppy, he jumped out of my boyfriend’s car on the highway and survived. Not to mention all of the cupcakes, chocolate and trash he has eaten throughout his life. There’s nothing this guy hasn’t been through!

Through it all, Vladi doesn’t complain and continue to love and protect us. “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” Happy 12th birthday Vladimir, I can only wish to spend 12 more years with you.


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