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Chew on This, Indianapolis

This year and last, I was lucky enough to participate in Indiana Humanities’ event called Chew on This.

Chew on ThisIn 2011, I attended the event for the first time as a live tweeter at Goose the Market for Moonshine and Morality, where we participated in a “think & drink discussion” about the legislative, political and social themes of the Prohibition Era and their current presence in society. The facilitator for our group was Lou Harry and the participants ranged from young adults to senior citizens. It was great to hear everyone’s different thoughts and perspectives on the topic.

I left the event with a great feeling inside, knowing that events like this were happening in my city. When else would I sit down with fellow Hoosiers in all different age groups and all different walks of life to discuss prohibition over great wine and food? I knew this was something I had to continue to be involved in.

When I received the email to join in for the August 2012 Chew on This event, I didn’t even have to think about it, I was 100% in. This time around, I was a live tweeter at Ball & Biscuit for Crossroads 1987, talking about the 1987 Pan Am Games’ failures and impact on the city. My facilitator this time was Molly Chavers, and our group had an amazing conversation going, so much so that we went well past the time limit for the talk. I felt as if our group was full of people who truly cared about our city (especially Molly, a self-proclaimed “Cheerleader for Indianapolis), and that was awesome.

So often, I hear complaints from people about Indianapolis. There’s nothing to do, no public transit, no culture, we’re so far behind other cities, etc.. I say that those people are wrong.

Have any of those people ever gone to an event like Chew on This? Have they gone down to Mass Ave for Indy Fringe? Have they attended any of the concerts put on by our city’s promoters that happen weekly, if not daily, around the city? Have they attended a First Friday? Been to an art, music or fashion event held by ORANJE, Raw, the IMA or Indianapolis Art Center? And have you seen how many local breweries we have now (not to mention the Indy Brew Bus)?

Just take a look at the Things to Do section of the Indy Star each week, where Leslie Bailey guides you in the right direction for shows, events, local shopping and more. Check out Do It Indy’s weekly videos of events. Head over to the Do317 website and see what your peers are up to this week. There’s SO MUCH going on in this city, you just have to open your eyes and get out there.

Instead of dumping on our city, take a moment and try to make it better, or enjoy some of the great things it has to offer. I know plenty of people here who work hard to provide Hoosiers with the opportunity to do so.

Chew on that, Indianapolis.

This blog is part of Think Kit. Today’s blog prompt: “How do you want get involved in your community this year?” I strayed from the actual question, but hey, that’s ok.

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