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Go Big or Go Home

It’s hard to think about my dream trip when it’s cold and dreary outside, because it makes me want to book a flight and get to warmer weather ASAP. Having to defrost your car in the morning really makes you wonder why you don’t live on a tropical island.

All of the essentials for lounging by the pool.

All of the essentials for lounging by the pool.

This year, I’ve been lucky enough to take several vacations that you could call “dream trips.” In February, I escaped the cold to Key West for a week of R&R&R (rest, relaxation and Ryan). I drank my fill of Yuengling (the only beer I love as much as PBR), soaked up the sun at the pool and had some wonderful seafood dinners. I really felt at home when I discovered The Green Parrot bar, which is essentially The Alley Cat but in Key West. All in all, I fell in love in with Key West.

Then in October, I took my first trip to Hawaii. Let me tell you, the people residing on The Big Island have it made. Fresh fruit and seafood, beaches with every color of sand, crystal-clear blue water, simple living, no stoplights or light pollution…it truly was paradise. We traveled to every part of the island, hiked over an hour to a green beach, saw a volcano, almost got murdered by an AirBnB host, tried local beers, went boogie boarding and relaxed on the beach. It was everything I could have ever wanted in a vacation and more.

Ryan swimming in the ocean at the Place of Refuge in Hawaii.

Ryan swimming in the ocean at the Place of Refuge in Hawaii.

So where do you go from Hawaii?

Bora Bora, that’s where. My heart is set on staying in one of those water villas that are AMAZING. Yes, it’s about $1,500 per night for a room, and that doesn’t even include your airfare, but it’s totally worth it, right? You’re staying ON THE OCEAN, how cool is that? And could it be more gorgeous there? Blue water, blue skies…I want to swim with dolphins! Maybe I’ll start a Kickstarter account to fund my trip to Bora Bora. I was kind of banking on winning that giant lottery that recently happened, but I didn’t, so back to the drawing board.

All I know is that one day I will make it to Bora Bora and it will be the best trip of my life.


Today’s Think Kit blog prompt: “Plan out your dream trip! Is there somewhere you really want go in 2013? Pick a place in Indy, or anywhere in the world.”

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