Think Kit

I don’t even know what this is, this sort of thing ain’t my bag, baby!

I had to use a lifeline for today’s Think Kit blog prompt. Today’s was “when was the last time you listened to someone, where, why?”

photo (7)I’m a talker, not a listener.

I kid, I kid. But I do talk a lot. And I couldn’t think of anything blog-worthy when it came to my listening skills. So instead, let’s take a look inside my bag today!

This is my bag. It’s big enough to hold my life. Since I never plan on having kids, I buy bags that are as big as babies. Some ladies walk around holding babies, I choose to walk around holding giant bags. On any given day, you can my my computer, clothes, makeup, a camera and various other things shoved in this oversized satchel…probably another reason why I have back problems. I have way too many things in here, so I’ll only show you a couple, leaving out the tampons and other disgusting girly items.

photo (9)A notebook is always in my bag. I’m especially obsessed with this one because the paper is made from stone instead of trees (so awesome, right?). I love the way the pages feel so smooth and thick (I’m not trying to talk dirty on purpose, I swear), it’s the best notebook out there. I always have Ambre Blends organic lip remedy in my bag (shop local), along with other Ambre Blends products. It’s the best smelling stuff in the world.

I found a tag from my limited edition LUNA Music shirt at the bottom of my bag. There’s only 100 of them made, so you better go snatch one up. The shirts are bright yellow with a colorful design on the front that will take you back to the 80’s, or your last acid trip.

Bobby pins follow me everywhere I go. They’re in my purse, my car, the bathroom, the dogs’ mouths, the hallway, my pockets…you never know when you’ll need one. Benefit’s kohl pencil is my favorite product in the world, and the nail polish in that picture is last month’s Birchbox sample, which I have yet to use. There was also a tube of red lipstick in there, just in case I feel sassy.

photo (8)Who doesn’t love nuts? Trail mix is my favorite! And when I’m done eating it, I have some floss on hand thanks to the best dentist in Indianapolis, Dr. Kolman! You’ve probably seen him at concerts around town since he also happens to be the coolest dentist you’ll ever meet. Talk to him about Band of Skulls, he might be their number one fan.

So that’s all I’m willing to show you from my bag today. Hopefully it hasn’t been too boring, and maybe some of you will even purchase something that I subtly suggested to you/added helpful links for. I promise tomorrow’s post will be more entertaining.

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