Snapchats & Tattoos

Thanks to my 12-year old cousin, I’ve discovered the joy of Snapchat. Snapchat is an app that allows you to send pictures to other people with the stipulation that they can only view the picture or video for a couple of seconds until it disappears forever.

Originally, I only had two contacts on Snapchat – my 12-year old cousin and my little sister. My cousin would send me pics of him sticking pencils up his nose, or of his dog sleeping; really riveting material. My sister has only sent me two pictures, one of her giving me the middle finger and one of her disgusting feet. I used the app for about a week and then never gave it another thought…until this week.

I found out that my friends use Snapchat, but probably for more obscene reasons. I hopped on the train of inappropriate Snapchat content and sent my friend Whitney a pic of the dog’s “male anatomy,” which she thought was an armpit. Failure. Then I received this gem:

Snapchat picDo people realize you can save the photos they send onto your phone? I know that Oreo Jones won’t mind that I saved this lovely picture of him, but what about the people out there sending naked pics to each other using this app, thinking they are safe from sexting it to someone else?

Snapchat would be a way cooler app if it made it impossible for the receiver of the picture to save the photo. Not that I’ll be sending any nudes on there, sorry to disappoint.

Either way, I’m loving the weird content that people are sending me through this semi-new app, and I urge you all to sign up and friend me…you can find me at rachelrubes!




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