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ORANJE You Glad You Came?

1391977_10151733054949331_1518721282_nI’m taking a lifeline today for Think Kit because last time I tried to poll an audience, I got zero feedback (I’m still searching for a good gym downtown and the best salad for lunch, by the way). So here’s the prompt I’m going with today: Was there an art experience that stood out this year? What did it look/feel/sound like? What other reactions did you notice?

As many of you might know, my boyfriend puts on an annual event called ORANJE, so why wouldn’t I use this blog as a shameless plug for what I think is one of the best cultural events in Indy? Yes, I might be a little biased, but I truly stand behind this event and concept. This year was the 12th anniversary of the interactive and contemporary art and music showcase that urges attendees to come and indulge their senses.

I first discovered ORANJE in 2009, when I knew nothing about the event. Some friends from high school wanted to go, so I hopped into their car and off we went. When we went inside, it was like nothing I could have imagined. It was held in an old building around 20th and Illinois that had been transformed with unique art, music and fashion, including a nude photo booth, a runway show and every type of art you could imagine. I witnessed my very first Andy D show that night, which was worth the $20 admission alone.

I immediately knew I wanted to be involved with this event in the future.

I participated in ORANJE in 2010, showcasing my photography of bathroom wall graffiti. I applied in May and was over the moon with joy when I found out I had been accepted. My roommate Natalie helped me with everything from forming the idea to the tear-down the night after the event. Big shout out to her for the day we had to pick up an old, used toilet from someone in Broad Ripple…that hadn’t been cleaned out and still had feces in it. That was super fun. It was the first time I had ever showcased my photography and to my astonishment, I actually sold a couple hundred dollars worth of pieces. Metromix (RIP old friend) even did a story about my booth, which my boss at my day job REALLY appreciated…especially the part about condoms.

The event has now moved to a new venue at the Indiana State Fairgrounds and is expanding to include a spring event coming in April 2014 for the food, fashion and film crowd called Tanjerine. If you’re a fan of ORANJE or you’re looking for something new to do around Indy, I highly suggest attending the first year of this event!

Have you ever been to ORANJE? What did you think?

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