The Haunting of East 42nd Street

Today’s ThinkKit prompt:

Time to get weird. We want to hear your strangest story from the last year (or more). Will it make us raise an eyebrow or three? That’s what we want. Whether it’s a tale of colliding coincidences, a strange Saturday you just can’t shake, or if it makes you squirm just to remember: get weird.

Do you believe in ghosts? A ghost could be humping you right now and you wouldn’t even know it.

I didn’t believe in ghosts until I moved into my boyfriend’s house. And no matter how many peculiar encounters I have, he thinks my stories are phony baloney. It’s become a sort of joke around our house. Anything that happens, he says, “it must be the ghost!”

One day, he’ll experience the ghost and then he’ll get it. I’ll be waiting for my apology.

For example, one day a year or two ago, I was sitting on the sofa with the windows open enjoying the fresh air coming into the house. Minding my own business, probably watching some trashy reality show, I heard the something strum the strings on the guitar that was sitting in the corner of the room behind me. I turned around thinking that one of the dogs had rubbed up against it but both of the dogs were outside. Ryan says it was the breeze that made the guitar play, but the noise was so much louder than that. It sounded like someone took their hand and ran it across all of the strings. I know it wasn’t the wind.

Sometimes when he’s out of town, I sleep with all the upstairs lights on. I’ll try to sleep with the lights off, but I get that creepy, hair-raising feeling that someone is in the room with you but you can’t see them. But you KNOW they’re there. I force the dogs to go everywhere with me when he’s out of town and sleep in bed with me. Going downstairs to do the laundry? I bring the dogs with me. Taking a shower? Vladimir will lay on the bathmat in the bathroom. Call me crazy but it makes me feel better.

Recently, we had a dinner party. While he was outside (of course he’s never around when I have a rendezvous with the 42nd Street Casper), I was standing in the kitchen with a couple friends. All of the sudden we heard a loud thud in the bathroom around the corner.

I walked into the bathroom and the giant mirror was on the floor. It wasn’t broken, and the way that it is attached to the wall makes it impossible for it to fall off. I even showed my friends how it attaches to the wall and they agreed that it was bizarre for it to fall off. My theory: the ghost. But Ryan still refuses to even humor that idea.

Do you believe in spirits, ghosts and the unknown? I’m still not sure if I’m a true believer or if I’ve just been psyching myself out. Did anyone die in this house? Is it built on top of an Indian burial ground like in Poltergeist? I have no idea.

In other strange and weird news, a Lifetime reality show called The Sisterhood (about girls thinking about being nuns) started airing and we actually witnessed a taping at Flatwater in Broad Ripple. It was interesting to say the least, and the start of #SundayNunday. I’ll be tuning it to catch that episode since I had to sign a release form for being in the background. Maybe this will be my big break!


One thought on “The Haunting of East 42nd Street

  1. I too live in a haunted house but I know its my great grandmother, she passed away in 2012 and I hear her footsteps, voice and even saw a black solid shadow move in my room! I document it on my blog, along with my other paranormal experiences ect xxx

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