Let’s Get Together and Feel All Right

Today’s ThinkKit prompt:

The calendar still says 2014, but let’s push forward. What are you looking forward to in 2015? Is there an event, special occasion, or reunion that you’re counting down the days until? Planning a trip? A life change? A move? Or maybe it’s the simple pleasures – the release of a movie, something or someone hitting a stage near you. 

While I sit here wrapped in a scarf and cozy sweater, all I can dream about is the sun on my skin and warm weather. The winter hasn’t really even started yet and I’m already over it. Someone remind me again why I live in Indiana and not on a beach?

Jumping cliffs in Negril with some of my dude friends.

Jumping cliffs in Negril with some of my dude friends.

In 2015, I’m looking forward to fun in the sun in Jamaica! I haven’t been to Jamaica since 2005 for my college junior year spring break. WHAT A WEEK. We jumped cliffs, probably contracted diseases at a foam party, got drunk on rum, went to a Jamaican strip club, ate more jerk chicken than I thought was humanly possible, made friends with some locals, drank our weight in Red Stripe and some more things that I can’t admit to publicly on this blog.

I can’t wait to return to Summerset Village for another week of Jamaican bliss, especially since I’ll be visiting for a wedding. I think I’ll stay away from the foam parties this time. One thing I do want to see this time around is Floyd’s Pelican Bar, a bar in the ocean that you get to by boat. Has anyone ever been? What did you think?

I still have my fingers crossed that I can escape to warm weather (if even for a weekend) during January or February, but things have been so crazy that we haven’t planned anything. I swore I wouldn’t spend another winter stuck in Indy, but it looks like that might be what’s happening so I guess I’ll dust off my snow boots and make the best of it. Until then, I’ll be Jamaica dreaming.

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