A Disappointing Day in Indiana

While in the car with my dad yesterday, I read on Twitter that the Religious Freedom Bill had passed in Indiana. I was in disbelief that this ridiculous discriminating law is moving forward, therefore moving our state backwards.

There are so many people in Indianapolis trying to make our city a world-class place to live, work and play. And over the past few years you could see how much the city is progressing. I’ve attended numerous events that have connected me to incredible, ambitious innovators and entrepreneurs, as well as witnessed first-hand the city morphing into a dynamic hub of culture.

But then something like this happens. A bill is passed that allows businesses to discriminate against LGBT Hoosiers, or really anyone they want.

It really makes you wonder how this could happen. While looking through my Facebook and Twitter feed, the only posts I can see are people against RFRA. Maybe that is a testament to the kind of people that I surround myself with, which makes me proud that I am living my life among some pretty spectacular people. But maybe it also means that these people I know aren’t voting, because I am connected to thousands of people via social media so how does this happen? How are the people we are voting into office allowing this kind of sad and pathetic hate into our daily lives?

Take a look at this article about voter turnout in 2014. “Indiana had the lowest turnout rate, with just 28 percent of eligible voters participating.” We can do better than this!

17085_796981663724694_5915153845234793718_nI am truly embarrassed to live here. For a state with the tourism pitch of being “honest to goodness,” I can’t find much good about it at the moment. This is a terrible move for our economy. Why would anyone want to travel here when there’s a chance they’ll be denied service at a local establishment? This issue was brought up yesterday considering we are hosting the Final Four this weekend. And we want to host another Super Bowl…fat chance.  Especially when Mike Pence tweets that he looks forward to signing this homophobic bill.

On the positive side, while having lunch on Mass Ave I spotted many signs in store windows letting customers know they are open for service to anyone. It helped restore my faith in our city and the people that live here.

Things like this make me wonder why I live here. Every time I have hope that this city is progressing, something holds it back. How long can you continue to try and improve a situation that seemingly is hopeless? I mean, I can’t even buy a bottle of champagne on Sunday to get my booze on, which is really a tragedy. If we can’t even legalize buying alcohol on Sunday, you can guarantee we’ll never ever legalize marijuana or gay marriage, things that are legal and happening in other states. Why are we so archaic?

Can we band together as a state and veto RFRA? I don’t know. But isn’t it worth a try? No one should have to worry about being discriminated against. Freedom Indiana gives this advice: Dial 317-232-4567 & tell Governor Mike Pence to veto a “license to discriminate” against LGBT Hoosiers!

There’s one thing I know for sure. If Mike Pence every becomes President, I’m moving to another country.


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