Think Kit

First Line

Today’s Think Kit prompt: Pretend you’re writing your autobiography. Give us your first line, a first chapter, or even just an image. What’s the story of you?

“Taking life one bowel movement at a time.”

Anyone who knows me knows I love toilet humor. It’s the immature side of me that will never grow up. I try to be “adult” but I can’t help it…I love bathroom wall graffiti, funny stories about bodily functions, The Human Centipede…the grosser the better.

When I first joined Twitter, this was my bio until my employer at the time made me change it. I was so sad to let it go so I moved it over to my Instagram bio. While it is in the toilet humor category, it’s also what I would pick for the first line of my autobiography.

Take your life one bowel movement at a time. No matter what kind of shit lies ahead of you, concentrate on the now!


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