Think Kit

One Word

Today, I took a Think Kit lifeline. Today’s prompt: What one word describes your year ahead, how you’ll approach it, what you wish it to be.


Be better.

Do better.

Be better than I was yesterday, and tomorrow be better than I am today. Isn’t that the only thing we can really resolve to be? Better. I could say I want to go to the gym more, eat better, save more money, yada yada yada. But really I’m just going to strive to be better than I was.

At this point, any other “resolutions” or predictions for the year ahead just sound silly, because who really follows through with their New Year’s resolutions? Maybe for a week or two…a month tops. But then you fall back into the same habits you had before.

So this year, I’m going to wake up every morning and tell myself, “today I’m going to be better.” If I can do that, I’ll be pretty happy about 2016.


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