Think Kit

Thicken the Plot

Today’s Think Kit prompt: We’re all writing the story of our lives as we go. How can you make your story interesting in 2016? And if you can’t see around the bend, it’s okay to dream. Let’s make 2016 one of the most riveting parts of our tale, shall we?

I thought a lot about this prompt and originally was going to write this blog about spontaneous adventures and travel. But so many of my blogs are about travel and I feel like I normally keep my life interesting with travel. I can’t sit still here in Indy for long without taking off for a trip.

goaldiggerSo what would make my life more interesting in 2016? I guess if I won the $800 million Powerball jackpot tomorrow, things would be way more interesting. But my real goal is to make things more interesting by excelling in business. The most interesting people in my eyes are people who have a passion and go for it, finding success in a business that they love.

I have my dream job and several dream clients, but I want more. I want to continue to expand my business and work with companies/people that I believe in. There’s nothing better than meeting with a client and seeing how happy they are with your work, and knowing that you’ve made an impact on their business. I love the creative aspect of marketing and I love that each day brings something different. I’ve always known that I wasn’t cut out for a regular 9-5, clock in clock out, doing the same tasks day after day.

So to make my life more interesting in 2016, I want to diversify my clients, take on new and exciting work projects that really challenge me. It might not be the most glamorous addition to my story, but it’s a part of my story that I love.

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